V A Services

V A Services

Definition of a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant or “VA” is a person who helps to free up your time by performing the administrative tasks for you. VA services are carried out from the VA’s home office. Work can be sent to the VA via emails, using YouSendIt for large file transfers, courier, your scans of documents that you want edited, etc.

A Virtual Assistant can free up your time by doing many things. With the technology we enjoy today you can send your VA any number of tasks to perform via email, fax, ftp sites, website, courier or the old “snail mail” method.

Virtual Assistant Services

List of  Tasks Provided

The following is a list of some of the potential tasks that a Virtual Assistant can perform for you, thereby freeing up your time so that you can focus more on building your business.

Word Processing (typing documents,training manuals, manuscripts)

Transcribing memos, letters

Website and blog Creating

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)

Email marketing campaigns

Videos on website or blog