Marilyn has developed her expertise in the area of office administration throughout the many years of working in various office environments. She started her working career at the age of 13 where she started working in a bakery slicing bread. From there it was all upwards and onwards. Marilyn worked in various jobs after school and summer holidays including working in the high school administration office, a wholesale food business, a trucking company office, anĀ  accounting office, hospital and doctor’s offices as well as medical laboratories, construction companies and property managing. Owning her own little soup & sandwich cafe provided even more experience.

Marilyn’s background is diverse having worked in many different fields. During this time she has gained experience in all aspects of office administration from the ground up. Along the way she has gained extensive knowledge with many computer programs as well as being able to utilize the many facet of the internet.

Marilyn is also a Life Coach and Consultant who is dedicated to helping others achieve their greatest desires. Marilyn’s attitude of “nothing is impossible, miracles just take a little longer” has sustained her throughout all of life’s experiences.